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Stories Widgets by EmbedSocial

Instagram stories are the new visual aid for your website. They give visitors a sense of a living and breathing website and along with that way, with additional actions, you can capture their full attention and make them convert. EmbedStories enables you to reach more customers with your Instagram stories before they disappear. Creating Instagram stories widgets will enhance the visual showcase of your products with unique content, making website visitors convert to buyers. We offer a variety of display layouts and customization options that suit your website design. With EmbedSocial you will never miss saving a story because our platform automatically saves them into your account. From there you can reuse them and create a beautiful stories gallery or inline slideshow from stories. Are we missing something? Of course not! With EmbedSocial you can even recreate the same functionality of the Instagram highlights on your website with the flexibility to combine and rearrange stories per highlight. Going even further, you can make your Instagram stories shoppable adding Call to Action buttons with our moderation options. The best thing? EmbedStories has seamless integration with any web builder, CMS, and eCommerce platform.