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Why do you need a Google reviews widget for your website?

100% Custom and responsive design

A modern reviews plugin for websites that loads fast and fits any site design.

Save tons of time with live sync of your Google reviews

The system integrates with an official Google API that constantly updates your reviews.

Collect more Google reviews with the ‘Leave a review’ option

Collect more Google reviews with a link to your company’s Google reviews form.

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SEO Stars Snippet
Drive Google traffic with simple SEO snippets

Get aggregated star ratings for your product’s Google search results.

Embed one line, simple schema code, and see the number of web visitors increase due to the higher click-through rate.

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AI summarizer
Help potential customers make faster buying decisions with AI reviews summary.

Using artificial intelligence, this Google reviews widget will show a summarized text of all the reviews.

This gives potential customers a better way to understand your current customers’ experiences to make faster purchasing decisions.

show reviews summary by ai

Engage potential customers with unique reviews widget design

Use advanced customization options to ensure your Google widgets fit your website layout.

Change colors, layouts, ordering, remove or show parts of the widgets such as dates, Google logo, and similar.

For more inspiration, visit the templates library and pick your slider, grid, or Google reviews feed layout.

See widgets demos >

reviews widget customization

Multiple sources
Add multiple sources in one powerful testimonial widget

With just a few clicks, you can expand your Google reviews widget with more review sources.

Include testimonials from satisfied customers you’ve collected manually, or activate your Facebook reviews page to add more sources. You can also import reviews from Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, Yelp, and similar review sites.

multi source google reviews widget

40+ Google reviews widgets
for any website theme

Create multiple widgets from multiple sources. No additional costs.

instagram feed templates

Embeddable code

Code that works on any web platform that supports Javascript.


Mobile responsive

Mobile-friendly widgets that fit any device size.


One widget, multiple sources

Construct a combo widget that will include reviews from various sources.


Custom CSSPopular

Stay on brand and make your own style and design for unique widgets.

Browse Google reviews widgets

See reviews widgets in action

Filter by keywords or hand-pick which reviews to show

Use variety of filtering and moderation options to show reviews based on different criteria. For example, you can use Tags to organize reviews by certain categories and select to create a widget only with the specified tag.

Additionally, you can do more manual moderation or use filters to show only reviews by a certain rating number.

reviews moderation

Reviews page
Rank higher with a dedicated Reviews listing page

Show all your reviews and testimonials from all sources on one webpage that can rank higher in Google searches. Get a unique URL to share with customers and collect more reviews on your business listing page.

reviews business page

AI review responder
Use an AI to help you reply to Google reviews faster

No inspiration? Lack of time to reply to all customer reviews you receive on Google? No problem; this powerful tool reads the customer review and, with one click of a Write AI review’ button, will show you a customized reply message that you can approve and click reply.

Save tons of time with AI and make your reviewers happier by replying with reach messages on time.

reply to reviews with ai reply generator
more features

More than a widget. All-in-one solution for online reviews


Multiple sources + Import

All social media sources are included in every paid plan such as Yelp and Facebook reviews widgets. Plus bulk import.



Sync all reviews in a single click and create a live widget that you will update based on your filters.


Reviews badges

Variety of badges to show an average rating on your website from any source. Google, Facebook, or others.


Reviews Forms

Collect reviews on your website with your own reviews forms. Plus, free integration with EmbedForms.



Use the 10+ languages available in the platform to localize the widget for your web visitors.


Filters & Tags

Categorize online reviews by tags and organize them by date, rating, or filter by keywords.


Analytics & Reports

Insights on which source collects the most reviews with export options in CSV for in-depth analysis.



Configure the title, padding, or image size, edit the widget title, size, and color, or use custom CSS.



Hand-pick the reviews in the widget and decide to show only 5-star reviews or reviews with text only.

All features included. * No contracts.

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Works with 99.9% of the web builders & eCommerce platforms

All integrations

Here is how to generate and embed Google reviews

Collecting Google reviews with EmbedSocial is fast and easy. With the official and direct integration, the platform allows you to connect multiple Google My Business accounts and generate all your Google reviews in one place and in seconds. Follow the steps below to generate and embed your Google reviews on any website.


Create an account


Connect Google profile


Create widget


Choose Google as a source

Once you log in to EmbedReviews, go to Sources and choose Google as a source for your new Google reviews feed. Here you have options to add more sources like a Facebook page, Yelp, or manually import a CSV from other review sites. Finally, you will be able to create a complete testimonials page with reviews from all your sources.

step 2 choose google

Connect your Google account connect with your Google business location

Due to direct Google integration for seamless reviews generation, you must connect your Google account with your Google location from where you want to get Google reviews. Once you do this, you can pull all your content automatically.

step 3 connect google profile

Create а widget for Google reviews display

Use tons of customization options to make your Google reviews show the best on your website. Use settings such as layouts, Custom CSS, lightbox mode or not, create badges, and many more.

facebook widget customization settings

Copy/paste the JavaScript code into your website

After you customize the Google review widget for your website, you will only need to copy the provided JavaScript code or use iframe code to embed it in the HTML code of your website. The widget will appear immediately on your website.

copy reviews widget code

Collect & embed social media reviews today

Start your EmbedReviews free trial today.


Try our complete reviews management and embed social media reviews on your website in seconds.

All features included.


Official API integrations

EmbedSocial has official API integrations with all major social media networks.


Reviews widgets

Create unlimited reviews widgets that load fast on your website.


Cancel anytime

If it’s not for you, cancel with no hidden costs or fees.


Money back

100% guaranteed money back. No questions asked.

What our users are saying:


TrovaTrip increased booking conversion rates by 12% with customer testimonials in just 4 weeks

Nick Poggi

The team at Embed Social is so easy to work with. They are very quick to respond to any special requests and fast to implement account changes. Aside from the great customer service, their products are also very easy to use and offer a lot of freedom that you can’t get with other similar products. Definitely recommend.

Ryan Hazlewood

EmbedSocial allows us to showcase social media content on our web pages in a way that’s both functional and vibrant. Their library of social feed designs integrates seamlessly with our existing components and is easy to use for page editors of all skill levels.

Zanna Ollove
Boston College

The experience with EmbedSocial has been amazing. We’re always looking for ways to leverage our time, so finding a product to keep our reviews fresh automatically was a no-brainer.

Brooks Hitzfield
Seven Sons

It has been pretty simple to display social proof with EmbedReviews, and their team has been great in assisting with technical implementation.

Eric Hnatov

We are spending half of what we previously did for our last review manager, and getting 100x more out of it! I honestly am amazed at what we are getting for the price. I wish we had switched to EmbedReviews years ago.

Kodi Duncan
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Trusted by 200,000+ big and small brands. World-famous and local

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Help & FAQ

Frequently asked questions
about Google reviews

Have a specific question about the Google review widget?
Click the bottom right chat icon and talk with us.


To effectively display your Google reviews the best way is to utilize Google-approved widgets like EmbedReviews or plugins to embed Google reviews directly on your website. This not only showcases positive customer feedback but also enhances your website’s SEO by displaying fresh, user-generated content.

To get started with EmbedReviews, start a free trial and follow the guide on how to embed Google reviews on your website.
If you already have a reviews widget from EmbedSocial, then it’s very easy to include Google reviews in your widget.

Just go to Widgets > Open your reviews widget > Click on the Sources tab > and click Add source.

In the popup, choose Google as your new source and follow the steps to connect your Google account to the system.

Once you are done, you will be able to pick your Google location in the Sources section and include Google reviews in your existing widget. 

Learn how to embed Google reviews on your website.
Currently we don’t have the Google reviews option in the Free plan for automatic updates. But you can use the free plan to upload your Google reviews and create a free Google review widget manually.

Get free reviews widget >
Yes, the Google reviews widget by EmbedSocial works with any web builder or eCommerce platform. Here are the tutorials for each different platform you are able to embed the code:

Embed Google reviews in other web builders:

Embed Google reviews in WordPress
Embed Google reviews in Wix
Embed Google reviews in Webflow
Embed Google reviews in Squarespace
Embed Google reviews in Weebly
Embed Google reviews in PageCloud

Embed Google reviews in eCommerce platforms:

Embed reviews in Shopify
Embed reviews in Magento
Embed reviews in BigCommerce

Features & Customization

EmbedSocial provides few review request features. The most basic one is the option for users to display a ‘Leave a review’ button with link to their Google reviews form that encourages users to leave a review on Google. Additionaly, the platform provides SMS review requests and review requests by email.
Yes, you can use multiple templates or a custom css editor to make your testimonials fit your brand and website design.

See widget templates library >
Yes. The EmbedSocial platform provides few filtering options, such as:

1. Option to manually moderate and filter the reviews.
2. Option for bulk filtering by usining specific keywords.
3. Option to filter keywords by defined categories called Tags.
Yes, you can use EmbedSocial to respond to Google reviews directly from one console. If you manage multiple Google locations you will not need to go to a log in to different location page in order to write the review.

You can respond to all these reviews from one place, thus saving tons of time. And as a bonus, you can use the AI-powered responder to reply with the help of artificial intelligence and save extra time.

Google Reviews Benefits

Yes, Google Reviews can help with your SEO. Reviews generate fresh, user-generated content which search engines like.

They also provide social proof, which can increase your click-through rate, a factor that search engines consider.

Moreover, positive reviews can enhance your online reputation and increase the likelihood of people visiting your site.
Google Reviews are generally considered trustworthy as they are created by real users who have interacted with the business.

However, like any online review system, they are not immune to manipulation or fake reviews.

It’s always a good idea to read multiple reviews and look for consistent themes in the feedback.
Displaying Google Reviews on your website is crucial for several reasons:

Building Trust: Google Reviews are generated by real customers who have interacted with your business. By displaying these reviews, you’re showing potential customers that you have a track record of satisfying customers, which can help build trust and credibility.

Increasing Conversion Rates: Reviews can significantly influence a customer’s decision-making process. Seeing positive feedback from other customers can reassure potential customers about the quality of your products or services, leading to higher conversion rates.

Improving SEO: Google Reviews can contribute to your website’s SEO. The fresh, user-generated content in reviews can help improve your search engine rankings.

Gaining Customer Insights: Reviews can provide valuable insights into what your customers like and dislike about your products or services. This can help you make improvements and address any issues.

Encouraging Customer Engagement: Displaying reviews on your website provides a platform for customers to engage with your business. This can foster a sense of community and encourage more customers to leave reviews.

In summary, Google Reviews are a powerful tool for building trust, driving conversions, and improving your online presence. By displaying them on your website, you’re leveraging the power of social proof to benefit your business.
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Yes, the widget with Google reviews will stop showing on your website but you will be able to export all your reviews in a CSV format.
Yes. You can combine your reviews widget with more reviews sources such as Facebook page reviews, or Yelp plus you are able to connect multiple Google locations and create one single widget with all locations’ reviews.
The initial pricing plan for using all features in the EmbedReviews platform including AI features, moderation and display of widgets is $29/month for the PRO plan that allows automatic connection of one Google location. To sync more Google locations please refer to other plans listed in our pricing plans page.
Yes, we provide live support and demos, for users that require help to customize and embed the widget on their website. To talk with our team on a live chat, just click the bottom right chat icon.