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3 simple steps to
embed Instagram feed for free

Here is how to embed Instagram feed with EmbedSocial:

1. Create a free account

Just create an account and follow the setup steps. No credit card. No hidden costs.

2. Connect your Instagram

Provide permissions to auto-sync your Instagram feed with EmbedSocial.

3. Embed the provided code

Copy the provided code and embed it in your website’s body. No coding skills are required.

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More features

Do more with an end-to-end solution



Sync all Instagram posts in a single click and create an entire wall widget that you can embed on any website.


Accurate estimations

Allow your website visitors to click on a photo and view it in popup mode without leaving your website.


Follow button

Show a Follow button to help you drive traffic to Instagram and possibly increase followers.


Unlimited widgets

That’s right! With one account, you can generate unlimited social media widgets and embed them on multiple websites.


Localization (pro)

Use the 10+ languages available in the platform to localize the widget for your web visitors.


Filters (pro)

Use filters by date or keywords. Change the number of pages and post per page in your feed.


Analytics (pro)

Know which post performs best and the total clicks of the entire feed on your website.


Custom CSS (pro)

Configure the title, padding, or the image size, edit album title, size, color, or use a custom CSS.

* Free version is branded

Moderation [PRO]
Control which social media posts show on your website

Use advanced moderation options to hand-pick posts appearing publicly in the feed. Make sure you use the negative keywords filters to ban posts containing specific keywords you don’t want to display on your website.


Templates [PRO]
Variety of widget templates that fit any website design

Upgrade to the PRO version and get all modern layouts and templates, such as Carousels, Sliders, Walls, Collage templates without branding, and more.

  • Responsive
  • Fit any web design
  • Fast-loading

Shoppable Feed [PRO]
Make your Instagram Feed, Shoppable

Upgrade to the PRO version and get all modern layouts and templates, such as Carousels, Sliders, Walls, Collage templates without branding, and more.

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Pricing plans

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Free Plan

  • 1 source
  • 3 Feeds
  • Auto-sync every 24 hours
  • Instagram Account Feed
  • Instagram Hashtag Feed
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Pro Plan

  • 3 sources
  • 3 Feeds
  • Auto-sync every 3 hours
  • Instagram Feeds
  • Facebook Feeds
  • TikTok Feeds
  • YouTube Feeds
  • Shoppable Feeds
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What are sources? The number of sources indicates the total number of Facebook Pages, Instagram, Twitter Accounts, or Hashtags. Example: 1 Facebook page = 1 source or 1 Instagram hashtag = 1 source. Need more sources? Check all pricing plans.